Attendee List: See Door Prize Table below to see how to get this list  ....

Room Size: Our event will be held in the main Ballroom which has @ 12,000 sq ft of space.

Setup: Exhibitors should plan to perform their setup the day before the event on:

Tuesday, November 12th, from 12pm - 6pm. 

We do not want any exhibitors setting up the morning of the show due to all the activities going on. 

There will be folks walking the floor so you will not have room.  We want the room put together the day

before please.

Teardown: We ask that you keep your exhibit up till 6:00pm and not tear down early.  Early teardown

is a catalyst for closing the show early.  So sit, have a drink, and enjoy yourself!  You might just make

another connection.

Table Assignments: Exhibitors select their table assignments on a priority bases from when payment is received. We may need to make minor adjustments prior to the event to minimize competitors being at adjacent tables.

Tables: The tables are 8 foot long. We will provide floor length black table cloths. You may bring your own draping or banner to hang in front of the table if you like. We have been given explicit instructions to not staple or damage the tables in any way or we will be forced to buy them from the McKimmon Center.

Chairs: 2 chairs will be provided at every table. If you need an additional chairs, please let us know at the show.  We will have plenty.

Displays: This is a table top event - no booths. The tables located along the outer walls will have room for a small display or an easel at the wall. The tables in the center of the floor will not have huge amounts of room, but you can use a standup vertical type banner. We may NOT attach or hang anything to the walls of the McKimmon Center. You are allowed the popup, retractable, rollup, and portable displays at your table.  Those look very nice.

Power: Power is provided at every exhibitor location. You may have to share your power box with your neighbor, so please bring a power strip.

Internet: Wireless Internet will be provided in the Exhibit Hall. The McKimmon Center provides free wireless internet in all the public areas (lobby, anywhere there is a couch, etc...).

Others Accessories: Other items are available (such as an easel) for an additional cost. Let us know your needs and we’ll help you arrange it. Please let us know by November 1st.

Rules: There is no smoking or music in the exhibit area. Again, we can’t hang anything on the walls!

Giveaways: Feel free to bring free giveaways to have at your table. That always goes over well.

Door Prizes/Attendee List: In short, if a vendor donates a significant item to the drawing table, they will get the opt-in attendee list.  Here are the details: We will have door prize drawings during the day.  We hope that every vendor will donate one or two significant items (around $50 or higher) to the door prize pool.  Please save the little items to give away at your table. Here are some suggestions, but you are not limited to these by any means: Mini Laptop, digital camera, GoPro, IPAD, Bose noise cancelling headphones, GPS unit, LCD monitors, complimentary software licenses, tickets to local events (hockey game, college football, etc..), Gift cards, Gas cards,  other nifty gadgets, etc....  For Apparel, we have had issues in the past with logo shirts that are not the right size for the drawing winner.  We ask that you give away sized apparel at your table.  It makes our life easier.

When Attendees check in, they will be asked if they would like be participate in the door prize drawings.  By doing so, they are authorizing us to distribute their contact information to the vendors that donated items to the door prize drawings.  This is the "opt-in" list.  At the end of the event, the RTP Chapter will email the compiled list of attendees that "opted in" to the email address of the exhibitors that donated door prizes.  This process is now automated and is very efficient.  We cannot pass out any attendee info without permission so bring a donation!  As a vendor, when you checkin and drop off your door prize, we’ll ask for the email you want the attendee list sent too.  Once you receive the list, you can distribute internally as you wish.

Advertising: By exhibiting at PCB Carolina, your vendor info will be in the show guide which will also be accessible on event website. This will give your company good exposure to the local community and it will also give the attendees a place to find your contact information after the show. The company summary from your registration is what we use for the show guide.  Please be sure there is adequate verbiage for your company, but be aware that there is a 500 character max limit due to the show guide formatting.

If you are a Gold or Silver level sponsor, you will get additional advertising rights.  The Gold level sponsors will get a full page color ad in the show guide and the Silver level sponsors will get a ½ page ad.  We will contact you about those details once you have signed up for either the Gold or Silver sponsorships.  You can certainly upgrade your registration to a Gold or Silver after the initial registration.

Shipping Items: We have access to the McKimmon Center mail room.  You can ship items ahead of time so that they arrive before the show, and you can also ship your items back to your office afterwards as well.  Here are a few instructions:
Put a large label on the package stating "Hold for PCB Carolina, Greg Emma" and include your company name so that we can get the package to your table.
Packages should arrive 1-2 days before, not the day of the event.

Use the following address:

Greg Emma
McKimmon Conference & Training Center
1101 Gorman Street
Raleigh, NC  27606

Shipping items back out:  You will need an "airbill" label ready so that you can affix it to your package(s).   You can drop your exhibit packages off at the mailroom to ship out the following day.  The mailroom will be open during the day in case you need shipping labels.  The mailroom will close around 5pm so plan accordingly.   The PCB Carolina staff will not have these materials.

Dropping off items from your car: We will have a small staff outside the McKimmon Center to help with you unload your items and get them to your table in the exhibit hall.  There is a loading area behind the McKimmon Center and carts will be available.

Name Badges: We will be printing nametags for the exhibitors. Please be sure you update your registration to include your company representatives.  We will use that into to print the badges ahead of time.  Please be sure the names of your representatives are in the system by October 18th.

Hotels: Hotel information has been moved to the Hotel Info Page.

Time to the Airport: It takes about 25 minutes to get from the RDU airport to the McKimmon Center.

Cancellation Policy: If you must cancel your registration, send us a note.  If you have already paid and we are more than 60 days from the date of our event, we will issue a full refund.  If we are within the 60 days, we are not able to refund your payment due to the extra work required to make all the updates for planning and printing.

IPC Contacts: We have tried to answer any questions you may come up with. Feel free to contact us if we have left something out.

Tony Cosentino - RTP Chapter President
(919) 342-0810 - office
(919) 414-2083 - mobile

Randy Faucette - RTP Chapter Vice President
(919) 342-0810 - office
(919) 349-5226 - mobile

Important info for Exhibitors

Exhibitors: This answers 95% of your questions.

​McKimmon Center

1101 Gorman Street

Raleigh, NC 27606

2019 Exhibitor List

3G Shielding



​Alan Lupton Associates


American Circuits

Amitron Corporartion

​Arrow Electronics

Aurora Technical Sales

​Automation Engineering Group

Better Boards​

C & C Technologies

Cadence Design Systems

Carolina Electronic Assemblers


Circuit Technology

​Creation Technologies

​Device Solutions

DNA Group


​Elantas PDG

​Electro-Rep Associates

Electronic Interconnect

​Eltek USA


​EMA Design Automation

​ERNI Electronics


Firan Technology Group (FTG)

GOT Interface

GRT Electronics

​Hamilton PCB Design

​Hughes Peters

I-Tech eServices

​ICAPE Group


Imagineering Inc

​Imperative Product Operations

​Indium Corporation


Isola Group

​JBC Tools USA

Keysight Technologies

​Laut Design

Lincoln Technology Solutions

METZ Connect USA


Oak Mitsui Technologies

Oasis Scientific


​Performance Technical Sales

PFC Flexible Circuit

​PICA Manufacturing Solutions


Porticos Asia Limited

Printed Circuit Design & Fab


Prototron Circuits



​Rep Inc


Rogers Corporation



Sunshine Global Circuits


​Teledyne LeCroy

The Test Connection - TTCI

​TFS Inc


​TTM - Advantage Board Reps



​Wallace Electronic Sales

​WDL Systems

​Wireless Research Center



(919) 342-0810