Session 3A  (9:30 - 10:30, Room 3)

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Speaker: Bob Carter, Oak-Mitsui

Title:  Thin PCB Dielectric Technology and Embedded Capacitance

Abstract: Device data rates have increased tremendously since the late 2000¹s and years since smart phone technology and other high-speed devices hit the market.  This change forced internet infrastructure, computing, RF, and chip package technology companies that processed data to make changes.  They were pushed to design and develop next generation chips, PCB¹s, and other architecture to meet the challenge of the new higher speed, higher volume systems.  These changes and new requirements have led to increasing processing speeds, lower power delivery margins, and new design sets and expanded into almost all areas of technology.  When older more traditional PCB¹s design guidelines are used to design PCB¹s for systems that operated beyond 200 MHz there are significant resonances that occur.  These resonances are within the PCB or substrate and they often resonate to the whole system as noise, signal loss and distortion, and EMI. One proven way to significantly reduce resonance is to narrow the gap between the power-ground plans within the PCB.  This presentation will show the benefits of using thinner dielectrics in PCB¹s, modules, and packages between the power and ground planes.  It will show that thinner is significantly better at reducing noise and resonances especially at frequencies beyond 200 MHz and up to 25 GHz and beyond.  Additionally, it will look at the effect of effects of higher high Dk versus standard Dk, and high Df versus low Df.

Bio: Bob Carter is Vice President of Marketing, Business Development, and Technology supporting  Oak-Mitsui’s FaradFlex ultra-thin embedded capacitance materials and advanced technology VSP copper. Bob has over 34 years of professional experience in the printed circuits, advanced electronic materials, MEM’s, RF modules, and chip packaging.  He directs engineering, marketing, and sales worldwide. With a previous company he initiated the start-up of 2 major PCB factories in China.  He has led engineering, development, and applications organizations at companies such as Xerox, Toppan, Multi-Fineline Electronix, Rogers Corporation, Flex2Chip Inc, and Panasonic Electronic Materials. Bob studied Chemical & Materials Engineering and Business Management at California Polytechnic University, Pomona, California and Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona and has a BS Degree.

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