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Speaker: Bruce Mahler, Ohmega Technologies 

Title: Embedded Resistors in PCB's--An update on applications and future design trends

Abstract: Embedded Resistors have been used in PCB’s for over 40 years. Over those decades, changing design requirements in electronic packaging has made the use of embedded resistors an attractive alternative to discrete surface mounted devices.  Embedded resistors as terminators, in power dividers, in filters and heaters are some of the application usages of the Technology.
This paper will discuss the Nickel-Phosphorous (NiP) thin film embedded resistor technology, how it is made and the necessary steps required to create the thin-film resistor elements through subtractive PCB processing.  A review of current applications and well as future designs trends will be conducted.

Bio: Bruce P. Mahler received his BS degree from California State University, Northridge.  He has more than 40 years of experience in the electronic packaging industry. He is the Vice President of Ohmega Technologies, Inc.   Mahler has five patents related to electronic packaging and interconnects and has published numerous articles and papers on a variety of subjects within the electronic packaging field.