Session 4D  (3:30 - 4:30, Room 4)


Speaker: Gary Ferrari, Ferrari Technical Services

Title: Lead-Free Impact on Design for High Reliability Applications - Part 2

Abstract: The RoHS directive is proving to affect all segments of the product development cycle. Granted, some areas are affected more than others. The very designs created by printed board designers have a profound affect on the final product. This seminar will provide an overview of those areas that are affected most by the RoHS directive, and what the designer needs to understand to create manufacturable designs. Included in the discussion is material selection, surface finishes, component selection and placement, to name a few.
What You Will Learn:
- Laminate material issues
- Surface finish issues
- Component issues
- Assembly issues

Bio: Gary Ferrari is the past executive director and co-founder of the IPC Designers Council and has more than 37 years of experience in electronic packaging with an emphasis on printed board (PWB) design and manufacturing. He has chaired a number of IPC technical committees, including the Printed Board Design Committee, the Computer Aided Design Subcommittee, the Printed Board Complexity Committee, the IPC-D-275 Design Subcommittee and the Technical Activities Executive Committee. He has written numerous technical articles, and has provided design for manufacture (DFM) consulting services to the industry.  Gary spearheaded IPC's highly successful PWB Designers Certification Program, which has trained and recognized over 1,900 designers to date. Ferrari was honored with the IPC "President's Award" in 1990, recognizing his contributions to the electronic interconnection industry, as well as to the association.

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