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Speaker: John McMillan, Mentor

Title: Optimizing ECAD-MCAD Collaboration for a Competitive Advantage

Abstract: In today’s dynamic and highly competitive business environment, many design teams are struggling to reduce product development schedules and improve time to market. In a recent survey, the need to improve time to market was identified as a primary business objective, ahead of the need to reduce product cost and improve product quality. When also asked about initiatives to accelerate time to market, the leading response was to improve communication and collaboration across engineering. If you were to push down further into a methodology to implement this initiative, you would find that improving ECAD-MCAD collaboration can not only reduce product development time thereby improving time to market, it can also provide a sustainable competitive advantage for your design team.
Modern designs require close communication between electrical and mechanical engineers. The intense need for market differentiation through product features and performance has increased the significance of both the form factor and the functionality. In other words ECAD-MCAD co-design or “product-level” design is no longer optional, it is mandatory. Designers are no longer bound by a single domain. Component and mechanical clearances must be accounted for in both the electrical and mechanical designs in order to ensure that no physical violations occur when the PCB is placed within the enclosure and/or entire system. This requires optimized collaboration with seamless synchronization between the electrical and mechanical flows.
During this session we will review the various industry standard formats available to support ECAD-MCAD collaboration along with their associated methodologies. Recommended best practices and a summary of the benefits associated with an optimized ECAD-MCAD collaboration process will also be reviewed and discussed.

Bio: John is a Marketing Program Manager for Mentor Graphics with more than 30 years of experience in the EDA industry, including roles in engineering, sales, and technical marketing. John has also served as the Product Owner for Package and Symbol Productivity products and the EDMD Collaborator. John is also a prolific blogger, the author of industry white papers and articles, and the host of the EDA podcast series, 'PCB Tech Talk.'