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2019 Exhibitor List

Session 5A  (9:30 - 10:30, Room 5)

PCBC2018_5A_Bill_Siemens Easing Path to Mass Production.pdf

Speaker: William Bouverie, Application Engineering Consultant - Mentor, A Siemens Business

Title:Easing The Path to Mass Production

Abstract: Taking a design from a functional prototype to mass production requires significant attention to detail and time.  There are non-trivial electromagnetic and safety requirements to adhere to.  Yield and manufacturability are critical for product margins.  Device reliability is critical when it comes to your customers’ perceptions of your products and your company.  Time to market for your product is crucial, and there are seemingly endless pitfalls along the way to mass production.  
Explore novel CAD technologies to help streamline the process of designing hardware that is ready for mass production.  Schematic Analysis, a new class of CAD products, can be used to eliminate hard to find bugs that would otherwise go unnoticed until the system is built.  Signal and Power Integrity analyses guarantee functionality and save debug time in the lab.  Automated checking and enforcement of EMI best practices saves time in EMC certification by eliminating common mistakes in PCB designs.  Automated checking of your PCB designs against common safety standards finds issues before systems are sent off for certification, eliminating a potentially long cycle of identifying/fixing issues.  Virtualized HALT testing helps you find and eliminate vibration issues before building hardware and going through a lengthy test cycle.  DFM analysis eliminates DFM issues during the design process.
Together, these technologies help customers get to production quickly and confidently.

Bio: Bill Bouverie is an Applications Engineering Consultant at Mentor, A Siemens business.  His primary focus is adoption of Signal and Power Integrity software and methodology.  Before joining Mentor, Bill was a Staff Engineer and Staff Engineering Manager at Source Technologies’ Orlando R&D center, where he designed ARM and x86 single board computers for self-service applications along with thermal barcode printers.  Bill has a Masters in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech.

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