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Session 5B  (11:00 - 12:00, Room 5)


Speaker: Dr. Douglas Hopkins, NSF FREEDM Systems Center

Title: Misconception of Thermal Spreading Angle and Misapplication to PCB & Power

Abstract: The widely used 45 degrees thermal spreading model assumption provides up to 20% conservative error of thermal resistance for a certain substrate layer thickness range, but is not applicable to multi-layered structures. An in-depth literature review was conducted and little, if any, concrete basis for the 45 degree assumption was found. Guidelines for using more accurate spreading-angle calculations are provided for the practicing engineer. Also, new easy to apply multiphysics simulator products are described through examples, and focused to help advance small businesses.

Bio: Prof. Hopkins has over 20 years of academic and industrial experience focused on high-frequency, high density power electronics with emphasis on packaging. He received his Ph.D.-EE from Virginia Tech, and spent his early career at the R&D centers of GE and Carrier Air-Conditioning Companies. He now directs the Laboratory for “Packaging Research in Electronic Energy Systems” at NC State University. He has published over 120 journal and conference articles, a number recognized with awards, and is an IMAPS Fellow.