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Speaker: Matthias Zapatka, INGUN

Title: Usage of spring-loaded contacting solutions for functional RF- and high current tests: Probe architecture, DFT and implementation

Abstract: Traditional spring-loaded contacting solutions for the production-line test of electronic components have several advantages over connector based contacting solutions, but with ever increasing demands for frequency performance in the GHz range or higher current handling demands such parts, which are vital for functional testing, also have some drawbacks. In this presentation, we describe how to overcome these drawbacks and how to successfully use spring loaded components to test radio frequency and high current applications.

Bio: Matthias Zapatka, amongst his colleagues also known as “the RF guy” is the Chief Technology Officer of INGUN USA, Inc. Matthias is responsible for all technology related advancements at his company, including new product design, design for test (DFT), technical consultation and other future initiatives that help INGUN to spread the “good news” about the technology behind INGUN’s test probes and test fixture kits.
He joined the INGUN group in 2008 to set up the RF Laboratories at the company’s global headquarters in Konstanz, Germany. The effort paid off and INGUN shortly became known as the world’s only PCB spring-loaded test probe company “who really knows about RF” and its challenges for functional mass-production testing of electronic components.
Matthias holds several patents pertaining the integration of components in spring-loaded coaxial probes. He graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Konstanz, Germany in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology with concentration on Communications Engineering and RF Technology and was awarded for the best thesis by the VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies, Chapter Suedbaden, Germany.
He published several articles in the field of RF technology for mass production testing.
His hobbies include amateur radio and travelling the great outdoors.