Session 5D  (3:30 - 4:30, Room 5)


Speaker: Will Webb, Astor Technologies

Title: How to build a consistent 'design-to-test' flow in order to deliver defect-free PCBA's

Abstract: Design for Excellence (DfX) can be used as part of an organization’s Continuous Improvement Program to decrease product development time, product cost and manufacturing cycle time, while increasing product quality, reliability and ultimately the customer satisfaction.
It will significantly decrease the overall cycle time from the design concept to customer delivery, which is a critical success factor. Design for Excellence makes it possible to implement a Lean Test approach that produces a lower cost product whilst maintaining the highest quality.
Our vision is articulated on two principles:  Using traceability and repair loop information in order to qualify the customer defect universe. The defects include design defects, manufacturing defects and functional defects.  Importing the defect opportunities and identifying the possible consequences of inadequate testability and test coverage on a new design.

Bio: Will Webb has worked in the manufacturing test industry for over 16 years and is now employed by ASTER Technologies as the Technical Director of the ASTER USA office.  Will is responsible for technical support and creating new business opportunities for the 'TestWay' Electrical DfT and Fault Coverage Analysis tools.  Prior to working for Aster Technologies, Will has worked for a number of different OEMs and CM's in the manufacturing test field responsible for DFT analysis, test development, and overseas deployment.

Tel:  (919) 342-0810​