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2019 Exhibitor List

Tel:  (919) 342-0810

Session 5D  (3:30 - 4:30, Room 5)


Speaker: Edward Acheson, Technical Committee Chair for IPC-2581 (Cadence Design Systems)

Title:Industry 4.0 and IPC-2581

Abstract: We have all heard about Industry 4.0 – the digital, smart factory of the future. How does Industry 4.0 affect what you are doing? Will it help the design process? Industry 3.0 was about automating manufacturing processes by deploying automatic machines. Industry 4.0, driven by customer demand, is about automating the factory floor – automation of automation. For Industry 4.0 to be successful, it needs a complete digital model of the PCB that is being built and assembled. IPC-2581 – an open, neutral, global  design data hand off to manufacturing – was designed to provide a complete digital model for the PCBs. This paper will talk about what is Industry 4.0, the business benefits, how PC-2581 enables and complements the automation of automation as well as how it will bring back manufacturing data back to improve the design process.

Bio: Ed Acheson is a Senior Principal Product Engineer for Allegro PCB products at Cadence Design Systems focusing on ECAD-MCAD (EDMD Schema), Rigid Flex technology and Design True DFM. Ed Joined Cadence (then Valid Logic) in 1990 and has played several interesting roles including software developer, consulting and process services engineer.  Recently, in addition to his product engineer duties, Ed leads the technical working group in the IPC-2581 Consortium, active in the IPC within the 2-16 (IPC-2581) Standards Committee, Dfx, and other IPC Subcommittees. Ed also chairs the ProSTEP EDMD Schema (IDX) Standards Committee. 
Ed has been in the PCB Design business for over forty years beginning with hand taping at General Radio and Wang Laboratories in 1974. In 1978, Ed became one of the first ECAD users at Wang Labs using an Applicon 875 digitizing systems, then evolving to SCICARDS, Telesis, then Allegro . During his 16 years at Wang Labs, Ed has been PCB Designer, Supervisor, and CAD Consultant.  Ed also participated in the Applicon and SCICARDS user groups, and in 1987 through 1990, was PCB SIG Chair for the Valid User Group.