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2019 Exhibitor List

Tel:  (919) 342-0810

Session 6B  (11:00 - 12:00, Room 6)

PCBC2018-6B-6C_Jay_High Speed Serial Channel Measurements.pdf

Speaker: Jay Diepenbrock, SIRF Consultants LLC

Title:  High Speed Serial Channel Measurements - Part 1 & 2

Abstract: This presentation will describe some of the key performance parameters associated with high speed serial channels.  These include time domain impedance, eye opening, and jitter, and frequency domain S-parameters.  A sample channel will be then measured in both the time and frequency domains, displaying the measured data.  The channel’s measured data will be examined in light of some of the relevant standards.  Evidence of channel impairments in the observed, measured data will be pointed out, with possible explanations of potential means of improvement. Actual lab equipment will be used in these presentations.

Bio: Jay Diepenbrock holds a Sc. B. (EE) from Brown University and an MSEE from Syracuse University.  He spent over 35 years at IBM, designing analog, digital, and RF circuits on ICs and printed circuit boards, backplanes, and simulating and testing high speed cables.  He also was a Senior Vice President, High Speed Engineering at Lorom America, a Chinese manufacturer of high speed cables and electronic sub-assemblies.  He contributed to a number of IEEE and industry standards, and published numerous papers in various journals and conferences including PCB Carolina, and holds 12 patents.  He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, and is now an independent consultant with SIRF Consultants, LLC.  In his spare time, he does disaster relief work with the Red Cross and the IEEE MOVE team, photography, woodworking, and jazz music.