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Session 6B  (11:00 - 12:00, Room 6)


Speaker: Eric Tsuei and Goodspeed Kan, Luxshare-ICT

Title:  Antenna Design Techniques and Experience

Abstract: The Antenna Design and Experience presentation by Luxshare-ICT will cover antenna design flow including antenna types and structures used based on product design from initial product design all the way to mass production. The presentation will cover simulation and an actual HFSS simulation example will be presented and Luxshare-ICT will show the benefits of performing the simulation. The presentation will cover quick prototype validation including the DFM and 1st draft design validation, techniques for trouble shooting antenna design issues, Luxshare-ICT's test capabilities (how they test the prototype antennas and antenna samples for mass production) and finally the presentation will show their product experiences and show some actually antennas designed for previous customers.

Bios: Eric Tsuei has been recognized as an RF engineer for 6 years, a technical PM in mobile devices for 3 years and has been an antenna FAE for 2 years. He specializes in RF circuit design, measurement and debugging including NFC design and antenna design & tuning . He also specializes in test plans, methods, set-up for GPS, WLAN & NFC including receiver desensitization due to receiver blocking interference. Additionally Eric has field trial experience for GPS, aGPS and GNSS . Eric Tsuei received his M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from NYU Tandon School of Engineering.  In addition Eric is New York State Registered Certificate in Wireless Communications and holds a 6-sigma Yellow Belt.

Goodspeed Kan has been recognized as an antenna design leader for 12 years and has been an antenna FAE for 3 years. He specializes in Microwave engineering, antenna design for mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. Goodspeed has also been recognized in antenna measurement techniques and antenna research & development. Goodspeed Kan received his M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from NTUST the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.