2019 Exhibitor List

3G Shielding



​Alan Lupton Associates


American Circuits

Amitron Corporartion

​Arrow Electronics

Aurora Technical Sales

​Automation Engineering Group

Better Boards​

C & C Technologies

Cadence Design Systems

Carolina Electronic Assemblers


Circuit Technology

​Creation Technologies

​Device Solutions

DNA Group


​Elantas PDG

​Electro-Rep Associates

Electronic Interconnect

​Eltek USA


​EMA Design Automation

​ERNI Electronics


Firan Technology Group = FTG

GOT Interface

GRT Electronics

​Hamilton PCB Design

​Hughes Peters

I-Tech eServices


Imaginering Inc

​Imperative Product Operations

​Indium Corporation


Isola Group

​JBC Tools USA

Keysight Technologies

​Laut Design

Lincoln Technology Solutions

METZ Connect USA

MV Circuit Technology


Oak Mitsui Technologies

Oasis Scientific


​Performance Technical Sales

PFC Flexible Circuit

​PICA Manufacturing Solutions


Porticos Asia Limited

Printed Circuit Design & Fab



Prototron Circuits


​Rep Inc


Rogers Corporation



Sunshine Global Circuits


​Teledyne LeCroy

The Test Connection - TTCI

​TFS Inc


​TTM - Advantage Board Reps



​Wallace Electronic Sales

​Wireless Research Center


NOVEMBER 13th,  Raleigh, NC

Tel:  (919) 342-0810


1) IOT Hardware Project Planning - Sean Priddy, Creation Technologies

2) PCB Antenna Considerations from Concept to Certification - Mike Barts & Shruthi Soora, NC Wireless Research Center

3) EMC, Inductors, and Filtering - Doug Toth, Wurth Electronics

4) GPGPU Computing, Bringing AI to the Edge - Bob Buchanan, WDL Systems

5) EMS 4.0 - Will Webb, Astor Technologies

6) Advanced Board Manufacturing Techniques - Paul Cooke, FTG Corp

7) Applications for Embedded NiP Thin Film Resistors in Printed Circuit Boards - Bruce Mahler, Ohmega

8) Reliability Testing of Faradflex Buried Capacitance at High Voltage and Temperature - Bob Carter, Oak-Mitsui, FaradFlex Division

9) How to use GaN FETs with Standard Power Supply Controller - Brian Miller & Andrea Mirenda - Efficient Power Conversion

10) Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing of Metal for Electronics Cooling Applications - Chris Caylor, Wakefield-Vette

11) Metal 3D Printing: Process Validation for High-Requirement Applications - Protolabs

12) Power Supply Efficiency Present and Future: Global Trends in Legislation and Energy Saving Design - Dylan Howes, Power Partners

13) BGA’s, LGA’s, QFN/DFN’s – Oh My, Can Traditional DFM Survive - Dale Lee, Plexus

14) Heitec Packageing Solutions, High Speed Backplane Technologies - Adam Butler, Wakefield-Vette

15 Creepage & Clearance Measurements - Bill Bisenius, CertifiGroup

16) High Performance Power Packaging with Highly Thermally Conductive Laminates​

- Doug Hopkins, NC State University
- Pratish Patel, EI Connect
- Kenji Nishiguchi, Risho

2019 TECHNICAL Presentations